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Supporting the Bennett Family​

On the morning of August 14, 2022, baby Nolan was born. Nolan is healthy and doing well. Melissa had the birth she desired. Kyle (partner) was so proud of her strength and devotion to their birth plan. After birth she had difficulty breathing. Tragically Melissa passed away shortly after giving birth, leaving behind Kyle (partner), Sebastian (son), Nolan (baby), Natalie (twin sister), Kathy (mother), Ken (father), and family. The probable cause of death is pulmonary embolism.

5 years prior, Sebastian (Melissa's son), played matchmaker for the couple. In Kyle's former career he worked for waste collection services and drove a garbage truck. Sebastian eagerly anticipated garbage day, especially when he would see Kyle pulling up to his house with the garbage truck. Sebastian and Kyle quickly bonded and became good friends. Sebastian introduced Melissa and Kyle, and the rest was history. Kyle and Melissa went on their first date, and Kyle knew Melissa was the one for him. They were soul mates, and Kyle never imagined he would lose his soul mate at the young age of 28.

These devastating and unforeseen circumstances affect every aspect of the family's lives. Melissa was a stay at home mom, who home schooled Sebastian. Kyle is a self employed construction worker who works long hours away from the home. With these life changing circumstances Kyle will either have to take time off work, or find care for the baby. There will be a loss of income and many additional costs. There's no way for him to pay the bills that he would normally pay.

My hope in sharing their tragic story is that we can come together and show the Bennett family the meaning of support and community to carry them through this difficult and devastating time. With your help, I know this is possible. I'm looking to raise money for the unexpected expenses for the family such as funeral fund, time missed from work, groceries, rent, paying bills, car payments, home supplies, clothing and baby items, alternative childcare for Sebastian, night nurse, bereavement doula support, and postpartum doula support.

If you are able to, the family would appreciate donations that will go towards the care and sustaining the lives of Kyle, Sebastian, and baby Nolan the way Melissa would have hoped for.

I know your donation will make a world of difference for this family. 

Donate here!

At Kalon Wellness MD we pride ourselves on being able to give back to the community. For all above appointments booked August 22nd-August 27th we will donate all profits to the Bennett family. 

*Brow Threading (Special $20.00)

*Signature Micro-Peel (Special $150.00)

*Glow & Go Perfecting Peel  (Special $89.00)

*Microneedling (Special $250.00)

*Lash Lift & Tint (Special $89.00)

Thank you for your support! If you would like to help by purchasing baby items you can click on this link.  link.

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