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Important Notice to Clients

Dear MD Laser Family & Friends,

With grateful hearts and an even greater passion for what we do, we are excited to be back in our second home away from home - our med spa. We are thrilled to be back In the treatment room, and we look forward to seeing YOU soon!



• We will see clients by appointment only. Please call, text, or schedule online to establish appointments.

• Clients should remain in vehicles or keep a distance of 6 feet apart from other guests to maintain social

distancing guidelines until your appointment time.

• Only guests who are receiving services are allowed inside the spa. All other Individuals should kindly wait

outside the establishment. Thank you for understanding.

Prescreening & Suggested Precautions

• If you have symptoms of an upper respiratory Infection (sore throat, fever, cough, or any difficulty

breathing) OR have been In contact with someone suspected of having COVID-19, please cancel your

appointment and stay home. We will reschedule your appointment at a later date at no charge.

• While we are offering flexibility to our cancellation policy please be considerate of this time we have exclusively booked for you. No shows will still incur a fee.

• We will have a new consent form for you to sign as per insurance requirements.

• Clients In high risk and vulnerable groups are advised to remain home at this time. If you fall into this

category, please reach our so we can find ways to help you maintain your skin health and wellness goals.


• Kalon Wellness MD 's Staff will wear a mask at all times. All clients should also wear a mask when possible while in

the spa. Thank you for understanding.

Safety and Sanitation

• As always, we maintain the highest level of sanitation and disinfection practices in our spa. We use

hospital -grade disinfectants to sanitize all surfaces before / after guests and upon opening / closing. We also use the Ontario health and safety guidelines while disinfecting and sterilizing and implements used during your session.

• We will provide you with a plastic bin so you may put all of your personal belongs in and feel safe that they are clean.

Thank you for taking the time to read through our new policy and understand the Sensitivity of the situation.

Warm wishes we look forward to seeing you soon!


IMPORTANT -  As a result of the mass vaccination programs being implemented worldwide during the pandemic, it has been documented that, following Covid19 vaccinations, inflammatory side effects such as redness, soreness and swelling have occurred in some vaccinated patients at sites of hyaluronic acid filler injections , laser and chemical peels. These side effects, which are immunologically triggered, can appear immediately (occurring within hours) or delayed (occurring in the days following).


At this time, inflammatory side effects have occurred only rarely and although not considered medically as an “allergic” reaction, they have been effectively managed by antihistamines, corticosteroids, or injection of hyaluronidase. Most reactions resolve completely within a few days, often without treatment. A “safe” waiting period between filler and vaccine administrations to order to avoid adverse events is not known. As well, this type of adverse reaction can also occur after receiving other vaccines (such as the influenza vaccine).


The American Society for Dermatologic Surgery has issued guidelines stating:

“Patients already treated with dermal fillers should not be discouraged or precluded from receiving vaccines of any kind. Similarly, patients who have had vaccines should not be precluded from receiving dermal fillers in the future.


Therefore, from a public health standpoint, it is important that individuals continue with their vaccine protocols and receive filler procedures based upon their own judgment and personal comfort level.


Note: Adverse events related to the use of Botox and Covid19 vaccines have not been observed.


Kalon Wellness MD Laser & Medi Spa Team

416.445.7546 (SKIN)


PS Not feeling 100% comfortable in returning, but still want fresh looking skin? We understand

and have you covered! Virtual Facials & daily care are a perfect option to stay home and create a healthy complexion. More details to come!

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