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Holly Amson, CMLT​

Highly respected throughout the beauty, cosmetic and medical spa industry. 

Holly has worked across many areas of the industry over the last 19 years.

Holly Amson is the Aesthetic Director & owner of Kalon Wellness MD, laser & Medi Spa, a leading skin care practice with two locations. One in Central California and the other in the Greater Toronto area to better serve her clients. The boutique style skincare clinics offer world class expertise, the latest technology and custom personalized care. In addition to her clinical practices she is actively involved as an international educator and mentor with a focus on skin biology, clinical skin care, and rejuvenation treatments.

With her broad knowledge of skin biology, as well as topical and internal nutrition, Holly is able to help 

her clients on a deeper level by offering them an advanced solution to achieve clean, healthy & radiant skin. 

Holly’s goal is to fuse nutrition & fitness into their daily regime along with their professional treatments. 

Her passion is helping her clients and attendees integrate optimal skin care, healthy habits, 

& empowering nutrition into their lives to look and feel their best.


  • International educator

  • licensed skin care specialist & CMLT

  • Certified in personal training, sports nutrition 

  • Laser & IPL treatments 

  • Chemical peels, micro needling, dermaplanning, diamond microdermabrasion 

  • Lash lifts, lash and brow tinting, semi permanent mascara 

  • Skin tag removal, minor skin irregularity removal

  • Body contouring, cellulite reduction  & fat reduction treatments.

  • Certified doula in labour & delivery (my secret passion)

  • Super commuter, I travel 1-2 x per week  

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