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BOTOX Therapeutic® for excessive sweating

Let’s face it, everyone sweats, but for some people, too much sweat production causes discomfort, skin conditions, infections, body odour, and unsightly stains on clothing. Hyperhidrosis is a disorder that makes you sweat more than you need to in areas like the armpits, hands, feet and face. Factors that trigger excessive sweating may include stress, diabetes, menopause, nerve damage or medications. For some, even the strongest drug-store antiperspirant does not control the problem, which can affect the quality of life.

BOTOX® focal injections are an effective way to treat excessive sweating. 95% of patients will experience an average of 80% reduction in sweating within 2 weeks, and the effect lasts up to seven months. The treatment consists of small injections into the skin of the area affected by sweat. The procedure is quite fast and very safe.

Please note: At MD Laser Skin Clinic, we offer BOTOX® Therapeutic to treat excessive sweating only in the underarm area (where most people complain about). For underarm hyperhidrosis, our injection fee is $250 per treatment plus the cost of the BOTOX® drug itself. Depending on the size of the sweating zone, both armpits together will generally require 200 units of BOTOX® at the cost of $800. Small sweating zones (small armpits) or subsequent treatments 

(due to shrinkage of sweat glands) may require less, but this will have to be evaluated on an individual basis.

Due to the fact that this procedure is used to treat a medical condition (hyperhidrosis), private health insurance drug plans may cover some or all of the cost of BOTOX®. It is recommended that you call your insurance carrier to find out you are eligible.

For more information, you can learn more about hyperhidrosis at

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