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Robert Amson

Rob began his professional career in 2003, he started as a prepress technician and graphic designer and managed  multiple client accounts.

He did freelance graphic design work and consulted with several high end accounts to achieve marketing objectives and client connections. 

Rob spent the last 25 years in the health and fitness industry and accomplished his personal training certification 

coupled with a 3rd degree black belt in shotokan karate and has studied Brazilian jiujitsu for 14 years.


Rob partnered with his wife Holly Amson at Kalon Wellness to share his knowledge in physical fitness, nutrition and self defence 

to create programs for our clients to help them with maintaining a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.

Kalon Wellness's objective is to "Enhance the skin your in" but beauty is more than just "Skin Deep."​

Nutrition and training should be part of your skincare regemin to achieve your vision of yourself. 

Rob and Holly will working together to help you achieve your overall skincare, health and wellness goals!


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